Absentee (kid_prometheus) wrote in serramesa,

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Little Fuckers!

Yesterday, as my mother drove down Clairemont Mesa Blvd, some filthy little Clairemontian mongrel threw an egg at her car! Bastards! They'll pay for that, oh yes!

And friends and neighbors, while I'm at it, there's something else I'd like to mention. As you are no doubt aware, our neighborhood Boney's (or Henry's, for the uninitiated) has recently been stolen from us, as part of hated Clairemont's ongoing effort to starve our proud homeland into submission. This no doubt took a tremendous amount of work on the part of Clairemont's agents, which must have infiltrated the populace of our beloved Mesa. These agents would have had to devote all of their time to their heinous enterprise, likely causing them to neglect the roles that they had adopted as cover.

In closing, a question: Where was Miriam during this time? Traveling? Perhaps so. Perhaps.
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